564 DF GSR2

The 564™ Diamond-Fyre™ GSR2 features a single ribbon burner that will heat an area up to 950 square feet with a maximum of 20,500 BTUs. This fireplace has a beautiful decorative crushed glass floor that comes available in your choice of three colors. The reflective glass is bottom-lit with the adjustable accent light and together with the flames gives the impression of millions of glowing, shimmering gemstones.

With a reduced depth dimension and a large turn-down ratio, the 564™ Diamond-Fyre™ is great for heating bedrooms and dens and has flexibility for year-round usage. The 564™ Diamond-Fyre™ now comes standard with the new GreenSmart wall mounted remote that gives you the choice of manual, thermostat, or the very efficient “smart” modulating thermostat.

The 564™ Diamond-Fyre™ is a perfect choice for complementing contemporary styles and has great flexibility for heating your home year-round.
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