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Large Brass Door Shell Kit

Freedom Wood Insert

The Freedom reigns as one of the most efficient large wood burning inserts on the market, delivering a remarkable 71.1% efficiency. It is the only wood insert of its size that can either mount flush or extended 7" onto the hearth. The Freedom is suitable for most existing masonry fireplaces because the firebox is tapered to fit the widest possible range of fireplace openings. This wood insert can also accommodate a 24" log, making overnight burns easier than ever before!


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There are many variables to considerin determining what product is the best fit for your home. This worksheet will help your dealer better understand your installationrequirements so that you get the best hearth product based on your home layout and heating requirements.

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Faces / Doors

Firebuilder Accessory : 96100664Black Painted
Firebuilder Accessory : 96100665Brass Plated
Firebuilder Accessory : 96100666Pewter Plated
Heating Capacity1,200 to 2,250 Sq. Feet
Heat Output73,300 BTU's / Hour
Steady State Efficiency Up to 71.1%
Maximum Burn TimeUp to 12 Hours
Firebox Size2.9 Cubic Feet
Maximum Log Size24"
Emissions3.2 Grams Per Hour
Weight455 Pounds
Construction5/16" to 3/16" Steel Plate

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installion drawing
installion drawing

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