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Cape Cod Hybrid-Fyre® Wood Stove

The Cape Cod™ is one of the cleanest burning and most efficient large cast iron wood stoves in the world! Revolutionary Hybrid-Fyre™ technology allows this stove to produce just 0.45 grams of emissions per hour and perform at over 80% efficiency, saving you fuel, money and trips to your wood pile. The Cape Cod features elevated craftsmanship, a massive 3 cubic foot firebox and a convection heat exchanger, all wrapped up and presented to you in an elegant package of cast iron beauty and durability. 

The Cape Cod features the optional GreenStart™ igniter. This push-button ignition system is great for the modern wood burner; just load your wood and push a button! We’ve completely eliminated slow, cracked open door startupsand laboring over fickle newspaper.


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Model Options

Firebuilder Accessory : 99600090New Iron
Firebuilder Accessory : 99600091Oxford Brown Enamel
Heating CapacityUp to 2,500 Sq. Feet
EfficiencyUp to 76.6%
Maximum Burn TimeUp to 12 Hours
Firebox Size3.0 Cubic Feet
BTU Range11,322 to 62,623
Maximum Log Size24"
Emissions1.9 Grams Per Hour
Weight600 Pounds
ConstructionCast Iron

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