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616 Gas Fireplace Insert

Large Deluxe 2,000 Square Foot Heater with Large Viewing Area

The 616 deluxe gas fireplace insert is all about showcasing a big, beautiful fire displayed through an extra-large viewing area. The glass viewing area on this model is up to 20% larger than most other inserts its size, making it a stunning focal point as well as a heater for homes up to 2,000 square feet. The 616 offers you the best in quality, performance and convenience, as it comes standard with interior Accent Lights, convection fans, and the GreenSmart™ 2 handheld remote which allows you to control every function of this insert from the comfort of your favorite chair.

The 616 gas insert features the Dancing-Fyre™ burner and offers a variety of different log sets and fireback options to choose from.


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There are many variables to consider in determining what product is the best fit for your home. This worksheet will help your dealer better understand your installation requirements so that you get the best hearth product based on your home layout and heating requirements.

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Faces / Doors

Firebuilder Accessory : 96900761Times Square
Firebuilder Accessory : 96900221Wilmington, Black Painted
Firebuilder Accessory : 96900223Wilmington, Carbon Patina
Firebuilder Accessory : 96900763Profile, Black
Firebuilder Accessory : 96900767Profile, Bronze
Firebuilder Accessory : 96900765Profile, Stainless Steel

Firebacks / Liners

Firebuilder Accessory : 96100928Black Painted
Firebuilder Accessory : 96100924Common Brick
Firebuilder Accessory : 96100924Herringbone Brick
Firebuilder Accessory : 96100929Handmade Brick
Firebuilder Accessory : 96100931Black Glass

Log Sets

Firebuilder Accessory : 94500947Standard Logset
Firebuilder Accessory : 94500950Driftwood
Firebuilder Accessory : 94700728Fyre-Stones Stone Kit
Heating CapacityUp to 2,000 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input39,000 BTU's / Hour
Steady State Efficiency (High) *Up to 84.94% (NG), 86.75% (LP)
EnerGuide Efficiency Rating70.92% (NG), 72.97% (LP)
AFUEUp to 75.5% (NG), 75.9% (LP)
VentingDual Flex - 3"x4"
GreenSmart RemoteStandard
Weight133 Pounds
Comfort ControlStandard
Burner SystemDancing-Fyre™
* Your results may vary depending on your vent configuration

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