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Evergreen NexGen-Fyre™ Wood Stove

The mid-sized Evergreen™ Wood Stove hits the mark on performance, function and design. This sleek stove features gentle curved lines and complements any home’s décor while artfully presenting heavy gauge steel unibody construction and a cast iron door with a large, self-cleaning ceramic glass viewing area. The Evergreen™ is tested at 1.5 Grams/Hour emissions and certified to the NEW 2020 EPA Standards using the new CORD WOOD protocol.

The Evergreen™ features secondary combustion technology which reduces environmental pollution and increases the stove’s efficiency, allowing for cleaner, hotter fires that use less wood and save you money! The Evergreen’s standard bypass damper gives you full control over the flow of smoke inside this stove, eliminating smoky startups and reloads. The burn rate, from a mellow overnight burn to a large rolling fire, can be effortlessly managed by a single air control.

The Evergreen™ is available in your choice of a Leg or Pedestal Model. Both models come standard with a large capacity ash pan that allows for quick and easy ash removal simply by sweeping ash from inside the stove down into the pan. An optional 400 CFM fan is also available with both models, which quickly and quietly distributes the Evergreen’s radiant heat throughout your home.

The Evergreen™ also features the optional GreenStart™ Igniter, which allows you to start your wood stove with the push of a button!  


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Model Options

Firebuilder Accessory : 99800327Leg Model
Firebuilder Accessory : 99800328Pedestal Model
Heating CapacityUp to 2,000 Sq. Ft.
EfficiencyUp to 77.1%
Maximum Burn TimeUp to 10 hours
Firebox Size2.2 Cubic Feet
BTU Range12,772 to 70,720
Maximum Log Size20-1/2"
Emissions1.5 Grams Per Hour
Construction1/4" to 3/16" Steel Plate
Weight435 Lbs. (legs), 450 Lbs. (pedestal)

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