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Video Length : 14 min

How To Use Your Wood Moisture Meter

Every Lopi wood stove and insert comes with a Wood Moisture Meter. Learn how to use your Moisture Meter and burn your Lopi Wood Stove or Insert more efficiently with seasoned, dry wood. Video Length : 4 min

Lopi Cape Cod Hybrid-Fyre Wood Stove

Homeowner's operation and maintenance video on the world's cleanest burning most efficient wood stove in the world.Video Length : 26 min

Lopi AGP Pellet Stove

Homeowner's operation and maintenance video on the the AGP Pellet Stove, Operation and maintenance.Video Length : 13 min

Video Length : 3 min

Explanation of Lopi’s latest wood-burning technology and its energy-efficient aspects. Learn what sets modern-day fireplaces from those of yesteryear.

Video Length : 1 min

Benefits of Secondary Combustion and the Lopi Airwash System.

Video Length : 2 min

Starting a Fire 101: Learning the basics of starting a fire properly. This is an excellent segment to review on an annual basis.

Video Length : 3 min

Discussion on choosing the appropriate-sized appliance for your living space. You can learn why bigger isn’t always better when it comes to fireplaces.

Video Length : 1 min

Proper operational aspects when burning wood, reloading your Lopi stove. Another excellent segment to review on an annual basis.

Video Length : 1 min

Demonstration of natural convection and utilizing blowers to provide added warmth and comfort throughout your living space. Learn how Lopi wood-burning appliances offers you control over burning wood.

Video Length : 2 min

Explanation of Lopi’s industry-leading warranty program. Find out why we’re proud to stand behind our product.

Video Length : 1 min

Learn about "Zone Heating" and other important operational tips to maximize your fire. This is another great segment to review on an annual basis.

Video Length : 1 min

Helpful operating tips and cooking and warming food with a Lopi wood-burning appliance. Have some fun with your Lopi and use it to make dinner once and a while.

Video Length : 1 min

Helpful installation tips.

Video Length : 5 min

In-depth technical features and benefits of a Lopi wood-burning appliance. For those who like knowing the technical aspects and mechanical means of a Lopi wood-burning appliance.

Video Length : 13 min Virtual Factory Tour

Take a virtual factory tour and see how a Lopi stove is made – from start to finish. And visit HouseOfFireTourHouseOfFireTour to schedule an in-person factory tour for yourself!

Video Length : 5 min Pellet Burning Appliances

An overview of Lopi pellet-burning appliances, the advantages of heating with pellet fuel and operational aspects. Don’t even know what pellets are? This segment is for you.

Video Length : 6 min Gas Burning Appliances

Already own a gas-burning appliance powered by GreenSmart? This video explains the features and benefits of the GreenSmart remote.

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